Dreams Do Come True – Thank You Bluehost

Grab your guitars y’all – we are going to Nashville, Tennessee!

Bluehost was true to their word. I took the challenge to enter their WordCamp US 2017 Giveaway on my last blog post – and I still don’t believe it, but I won!

I’m so excited (and amazed!) at this incredible gift. Here’s the low-down on how generous they’ve been with this giveaway:

  • A roundtrip flight to Nashville, TN
  • 4-night stay in a hotel
  • WordCamp backpack full of essentials for WordCamp ($150 value)
  • 1 entry ticket to WordCamp US
  • One $250 gift card for expenses during WordCamp US


I feel like you can move my life into the fiction section of the library now. Seriously! Did this really happen? Yes, it did. Can it happen for you too? Keep stepping in the direction of your dreams and yes! Doors will open up for you. Keep inventing your story!

What is WordCamp anyway?

WordCamp is a community organized event that connects WordPress enthusiasts from all over. At the conference, speakers empower and equip attendees to grow in excellence and expand horizons. It’s a fantastic way to connect with cool, motivated people who make a difference every day. I’ve never been there before, and I can’t wait to soak it all in.

If you want to kick it up in Nashville with WordPress & Bluehost, follow their blog like I did, and stay up-to-date on what they’re doing. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone with a website. And you can still sign-up for this year’s conference. If you come, I would love to meet you!

I will definitely share more of my story with you as everything at WordCamp gets rolling. So far, in my excited flurry to connect with them, I accidentally gave them the wrong phone number to contact me! Bluehost couldn’t be cooler, and I am just thanking God that I get to hang out with them in a few weeks.

In the meantime, thank you for journeying with me.  I want to hear your success stories too, so we can celebrate together. What has been a catalyst in your story so far?


Happy Inventing!

Bluehost WordCamp Giveaway

For all of my readers out there, this post is going to be a little bit different. I’ve started to switch my website (currently hosted by WordPress) over to a Bluehost account (which partners with WordPress) to expand what I am able to control on my site. Bluehost is offering a free trip to their WordCamp Conference in Nashville, and the way to enter is to write a blog post about why they should pick you.

I’m excited about this opportunity because I don’t want to be a regular business. Or a regular author. Or regular in any way except how I like my coffee in the morning. The reason I chose Bluehost is because I want to take my website/web business to the next level. The reason they should choose me is I have a vision for my website, and I want to partner with Bluehost.

When I launched my site about a year ago, I was compelled to write about invention because I believe the concept of invention is universally valuable. The recorded history of mankind is inspired and thrust forward by men and women who share this zeal. The pursuit of the wonders that can discovered when people fuse new ideas with strong existing foundations is an adventure worth taking.

If chosen, my goal in Nashville will be to learn, share, and go to the next level with Bluehost. Whether or not I am selected as the winner, I would like to recommend it to anyone in a similar place in their business. You can learn more about WordCamp here. I received an entry into the Bluehost WordCamp US Giveaway for writing this post.

Also for my readers: what do you want to take to the next level in your story? Don’t let anything hold you back. Figure out the first step you need to take to get there, and take it.

Invent your story!

Think Spring! Spring-action race car launchers.

Welcome inventors! This past week was spring break, and to celebrate I bought a box of springs. After brainstorming with my kids, we created our own spring-action race car launchers and gate. Check it out!

Here’s how we did it: First, we gathered all of the same size springs together. You could experiment with different strengths and sizes of springs, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we opted to keep them the same for racing. We used these materials and painter’s tape.


To make the launchers, we cut a paint stick into small pieces and sanded the edges. Then we super-glued (and doubled security with hot glue) the springs onto the back of our paint stick pieces. Launchers!


After that, we needed our starting gate. We ran out of hot glue, so we used painter’s tape to frame the sticks into stalls. This wasn’t hard, but the sticks moved quite easily.


The ends of the stalls were floppy, so we secured two screws together that faced opposite directions to the end of the starting gate to keep them equally separate. This is shown in the video at the end. We also taped the outside walls to our table.


Ready, set, launch! For our race, we used more painter’s tape to create a finish line for the winners. We also experimented with some interference for our race cars to navigate. My son made a display for our winning cars.


I think it turned out pretty well!  Here’s our big race. Give it a try and see what you think. And whatever you do this spring, don’t forget to enjoy life and invent your story.

Fun with Language: Invent Your own Secret Code

Welcome Inventors! I’ve always been interested in language. When I was in elementary school, my friends and I formed a club and made a secret language just for us. No teachers were going to understand any notes we passed!


Step 1: Knowledge – what is a code? A code is a system of rules used to turn information (such as letters, sounds, images, etc.) into another form of representation for communication.

Step 2: Simple Application – a wonderful example of code is International Morse code. Almost anyone could recognize this picture and be able to understand the message.


S=••• O=­ – – –  SOS is essentially “help!” in International Morse code. This is a useful tool in a world full of different languages! If you are interested, click here for some great information on the history of Morse code.

Step 3: Level up – To make our own code today, we need a system of rules and information. I’m going to use letters because I like to make words. Here is the “key” to my code before I begin:


Step 4: Build It – to create your code, make a few designs on a piece of paper. If you want to copy mine you can, but try your own thing! I did find that simple shapes with small details worked well for me.


Step 5: Launch – To turn your design into code, place X’s over your designs. You could also divide them into quadrants with + signs or squiggle off your favorite parts. This gives you the pieces of your code. Once you have what you like, add them to your key next to the letters, and BAM – you’ve invented your own secret code! (I made up Y and Z instead of drawing another shape – you do what you like!)


There you have it! Your own secret code to share with family and friends. Now that you know my code, I’ve got another challenge for you. Then go! Enjoy your day and…

IMG_3350 (2)