What Will You Think of Next?

Invent. Take what you have and make something more. It’s a kite string in a thunderstorm. Great inventors, old and new, studied the world around them and then brought something unique to the equation: their ingenuity. And you can too.

Welcome! I’m Janelle, and I’m looking for people who will change the world through invention: take what they have and do something great. We have the opportunity every day to impact the lives around us. Recognizing and inventing our stories is the place to start.

Invention has two main definitions:

  1. the action of inventing something; typically a process or device

2. creative ability

Whether you have a piece of paper, a 3D printer, or an ocean  – you have what you need to get started. The trick is learning how to do what you want to do (when what you can do isn’t there yet.) That’s where experimenting comes in. Don’t get discouraged. Let’s team up together and accomplish great things.

Choose your next step. For more about inventyourstory, check out Why Invent Your Story? If you are feeling down, you might want to start with When Inventions Break. If you’re an artist, check out 3D Wall Art for a new project idea. Are you a writer? Let’s share ideas with Chocolates and Writing Advice. Is engineering your thing? Feel free to laugh and offer tips for my Spring-Action Race Car Launchers.

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Thank you for visiting, and keep inventing your story!

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